Above All Climbing Rose Potted Fragrant Orange Flowers Own Root

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If you loved Westerland rose, you will go crazy for Above All ™ climbing rose! Above All rose is the improved version of the classic Westerland climbing rose; and oh boy what an improvement. The hybridizers have increased the petal count of the luscious salmon orange blooms. Increased the flower count per cluster, and increased the bloom production while maintaining the superior hardiness of Westerland and the lovely fruity fragrance. The Salmon orange blooms have remarkable staying power with their fade resistant blooms. The mature canes of Above All rose are long at 10 to 14 feet each, making this the ideal climbing rose for any trellis, wall or structure. Hardy for zones 5-10, this climber reaches a mature size of 10-14 feet high by 8-10 feet wide. 

FRAGRANCE: Light fruity
COLOR: Salmon orange apricot
USDA HARDINESS: Zone 5-10, grown on own root
HEIGHT: 10-14 feet high x 8-10 feet wide
BLOOM SIZE: 3 1/2 inches
PETAL COUNT: 25-30+ petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Glossy, medium green
SHIPPED IN: 5 inch deep x 2.5 inch container, fully rooted and growing

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