Burbank Russet Seed Potatoes Organic 10 lbs Spring Shipping

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The Burbank Russet is the most widely grown potato in the U.S. today, and for good reason. Heavy yields, disease resistance, and excellent storage properties make this variety of the original Luther Burbank breeding program the potato that made Idaho famous. Smooth russet skin with crisp white flesh that is perfect for baking, frying, boiling or mashing. 95-110+ days to harvest.

ABOUT SEED POTATOES: Plant seed potatoes just prior to the average last frost in your area. One pound of seed potatoes will produce 10-15 pounds of potatoes under good growing conditions. One pound of seed potato will plant about 8' of row when planted 10-12" apart. Baby potatoes may usually be dug about 2 weeks after the plant sets flowers.

IMPORTANT: Organic seed potatoes will be ready to ship approximately March 15-June 1, but shipping may be delayed by weather.
Plant seed potatoes just prior to last frost in your area. Please enter a requested ship date in 'special instructions' when checking out! If you prefer, we can determine the average last frost date and the best shipping date for your growing area.

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