Climbing Rose Plants

Organically grown, pesticide-free climbing roses grown and shipped in 4 inch containers or 5 inch deep root pots are a value for the rose lover. Our roses are all grown on their own root for increased hardiness, superior bloom production and increased vigor. These healthy roses are ready to plant in the garden during the growing season, or can be planted in a larger container to grow on for a season.

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White Eden Climbing Rose Don Juan Climbing Rose
PREORDER SPRING 2022 White Eden Rose Bush Fragrant Climbing RoseDon Juan Rose Bush Fragrant Red Climbing Own Root Rose

White Eden ® Climbing rose features old-fashioned English style white flowers on a vigorous climber that blooms from spring to fall. The foliage is a deep dark green, disease resistant and contrasts perfectly with the...

Don Juan climbing rose has all the attributes you could ask for in a red climbing rose; fragrance, floriferous flowers, and attractive foliage! A vigorous climbing rose, Don Juan thrives in heat and humidity producing rich, red flowers. Grow on...



Eden Climbing Rose Iceberg Climbing Rose
Eden ® Rose Bush Fragrant Pink Climbing Own Root RoseIceberg Climbing Rose Bush - Organic Grown White Floribunda

Voted the 'Worlds Best Rose' in 2006, Eden Climber combines exceptional winter hardiness with highly disease resistant foliage to create a winning combination. The luscious soft pink blooms are a lovely blend of cream...

Everything that you love in the original Iceberg Rose, climbing Iceberg rose does not disappoint! Climbing Iceberg is a selected sport of Iceberg rose that grows to a robust height of 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The wonderfully glossy medium...



Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose America Climbing Rose
Joseph's Coat Rose Bush - Organic Grown Apricot Climbing Rose New Dawn Rose Bush - Organic Climbing Rose Blush Pink

One of the first climbing roses to bloom in the spring, Joseph's Coat rose blooms from spring until late fall. The unqiue blooms start off as blush-red buds that open to flowers that are apricot, pink, salmon and yellow in color. A strong...

New Dawn rose is an excellent baby blush pink climbing rose. The bright green glossy foliage is so tough, hardy and disease resistance that you will want to grow this climbing rose not just for the lovely blooms, but also for its gorgeous...




Pretty in Pink Eden Climbing Rose
Pretty In Pink Eden ® Rose Bush Fragrant Climbing Own Root Rose

Pretty In Pink Eden® climbing rose bush exhibits all the same great qualities of the Eden® Rose, but is deep pink in color. This vigorous climber has lush double blooms, that average 70-80 petals and are extremely fragrant...


Rose Growing Tips:

1.  Plant roses in the landscape in garden soil that drains well. Avoid planting in a low spot where rain, snowmelt and irrigation water will pool. Full sun will yield a healthy rose with prolific blooms.
2.   Fertilize roses in the spring with an organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer and again mid-summer. Stop fertilizing roses 4-6 weeks before the first fall hard frost date for your area to discourage new foliage growth going into winter. 
3.   All roses require regular supplemental irrigation to thrive. Water your new rose once a day or as needed in the morning. Avoid overhead watering if at all possible. Roses require 1 1/2 inches of water per week.
4.   To encourage new blooms on your roses, deadhead the spent blooms throughout the rose growing season. 
5.   Simple rose pests such as aphids can be dealt with by establishing an organic rose growing program. 
6.   In the winter remove all dead foliage from the base of the rose and trim back any stray canes which may break in winter winds. As an own-root rose, your rose will require little winter care.