Ebb Tide Rose Bush Reblooming Purple Fragrant Own Root Rose

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Truly a stunning fragrant, purple rose! Ebb Tide rose is a hardy floribunda rose that produces clusters of deep purple blooms with the most intoxicating spicy clove / licorice fragrance. Deep green foliage is highly resistant to black spot and disease. Our healthy roses are ready to be planted in your garden upon arrival.

NOTE: The blooms of Ebb Tide rose may have a pink or red cast when extreme temperature swings occur. Ebb Tide rose will produce deeper colored blooms in cooler climates or with a little afternoon shade. Younger Ebb Tide roses also tend to bloom with a red or pink cast and will bloom darker each year as the rose settles into your garden. 

BLOOM SIZE: Double petal blooms with 38 petals per bloom
COLOR: Deep smoky purple
FOLIAGE: Dark glossy green
FRAGRANCE: Strong spice clove
MATURE SIZE: 3' x 3' own root
PESTICIDE FREE: We grow all our hardy plants pesticide-free using only sustainable, organic methods!
SHIPPED IN: 5" x 2.5" container actively growing

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