Iceberg Climbing Rose Bush - Organic White Rose 4 Container

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Everything that you love in the original Iceberg Rose, climbing Iceberg rose does not disappoint! Climbing Iceberg is a selected sport of Iceberg rose that grows to a robust height of 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The wonderfully glossy medium green foliage is highly disease resistant.

A floribunda climbing rose, climbing Iceberg produces bouquets of lush, snowy white flowers atop stiff, straight stems. A reliable repeat bloomer, climbing Iceberg rose will cover a trellis, wall or gazebo in just a few short growing seasons. Grown as an own root rose, climbing Iceberg rose is hardy for USDA growing zones 5-9. As the temperatures cool, this tough, vigorous rose may bloom slightly pink, before blooms turn to white. A light, pleasing tea rose fragrance further adds to the overall appeal of this rose. Our healthy roses are ready to be planted in your garden upon arrival.

FRAGRANCE: Slight sweet rose
PARENTAGE: sport of Iceberg
MATURE SIZE: 12' x 10'
COLOR: Pure snow white
USDA HARDINESS: Zone 5-9 own root
BLOOM SIZE: Large semi-blooms with 25 petals
FOLIAGE: Dark green
SHIPPED IN: container with soil actively growing

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