Oregano Herb Plant Organic 4 Inch Pot Culinary Herb Perennial

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Oregano herb plant is an easy to grow garden herb that pumps up the taste in tomato sauces, pizza, and Mediterranean cuisine. An easy-growing perennial, oregano thrives in planting beds or containers. Plant it in a pot with rosemary, sage, and thyme for a flavorful quartet you can place near the kitchen door, handy for snipping and sprinkling into dishes. In the ground, plants will flower and set seed, which shortens the harvest season. Pinch flowers from stems to keep plants in top snipping form.

PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods.
MATURE SIZE: depends on variety
GROWS BEST IN: Full sun with well-drained soil
SHIPPED IN: 4 inch container

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