Organic Heirloom Red Shallots 1/2 Pound Spring Shipping

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Organic Heirloom Red Shallots 8 ounces - Free Shipping For Spring Planting

These French Heirloom Red Shallots have a brown outer shell with slightly red-tinted flesh. This variety is an excellent multiplier and stores very well.

Shallots are a member of the onion and garlic families. A gourmet’s delight, shallots add a unique depth of flavor to a recipe, without overpowering it. Unlike garlic, which is a clove that grows into a bulb, the shallot is a bulb that grows other bulbs around it. Shallots are easy to grow and require about 90 days to produce a heavy yield of delicious gourmet shallots. When harvesting, replant some of the bulbs and they'll winter over and produce the next year.

CONTAINS: 1/2 pound approximately 4-6 shallots 

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