Westerland Rose Bush -Organic Heirloom Apricot Climbing Rose

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Westerland rose is an heirloom rose variety that can be grown as a large shrub rose or trained as a compact climbing rose. The flowers of Westerland rose are large and uniform is shape. Best known for its vigorous growth and beautiful copper-apricot flowers, Westerland rose deserves a place in every garden. 

PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods.
MATURE SIZE: 10' tall x 7-8' wide
FRAGRANCE: Strong rose
COLOR: Apricot with coppery undertones
BLOOM SIZE:Double petal blooms, with 25 petals per bloom
FOLIAGE: Dark green
GROWS BEST IN: Full sun with well-drained soil

SHIPPED IN: 5 inch deep x 2.5 inch container actively growing


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